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Ancient Indian physicians were well aware of the medicinal properties of sesame oil. They recommended its use for a variety of ailments, physical and mental, and also for general well-being. Their knowledge has since been corroborated by modern science. Today, it is a proven fact that sesame oil is not only good for health, it has very specific properties that alleviate certain conditions, sometimes even curing them.

Blood Pressure & Heart

Sesame oil has been scientifically proven to be beneficial in controlling blood pressure. Experiments have shown that when used as a regular cooking medium, it brings down both systolic and diastolic pressure. This particular property of sesame oil is attributed to the high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids it contains. It also has peptides that convert enzyme INHIBITORS, which again has a beneficial effect on blood pressure. The presence of sesamin helps too.

While it is not a cure, nor a substitute for medication, it improves the efficacy of anti-hypertension drugs and could bring down the level of medicines required.

It has proved effective in hypertensive patients who use beta blockers, as well as those taking diuretics to manage their blood pressure.

Sesame oil has been found to be responsible for sesame oil's anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which make it a good anti-atherogenic agent. In other words, sesame oil is good for your heart. It is not without reason that India's largest and best known brand of sesame oil is called Idhayam - meaning 'heart' in Tamil.



Sesame oil works on mental well-being as well as physical health. Ancient Indian medical texts cite its use as an anti-depressant. It has been found to counter or at least reduce the effects of senility and control the mood changes associated with menopause.

It works on children too! A warm sesame oil massage has been proved to soothe a cranky baby and help him sleep well. A bonus is that regular massages promote healthy growth.


Depression is another area of mental health where sesame oil has proved effective. Research shows that this can be attributed to sesamol, which is a lignin.


Research has proved that regular use of sesame oil in cuisine boosts the effect of glibenclamide, an oral medication for patients with Type 2 Diabetes. It is particularly useful if the patient is also suffering from high blood pressure.


Also, in the east, kajal was traditionally home-made, using lamp soot produced by a cotton wick dipped in sesame oil (or ghee). This preparation, with no chemicals or additives, is completely safe, and also good for the eyes as it has cleansing properties as well as beauty enhancing ones.


A common home remedy for children who are often exposed to the common cold virus is a drop of sesame oil swabbed in each nostril. It is believed to repel airborne bacteria and viruses.

Ayurvedic practitioners also recommend sniffing up drops of sesame oil to heal persistent sinus infections.


 The presence of vitamin K makes sesame oil good for your bones. It builds a healthy framework for your body. Besides, it also works to alleviate the effects of arthritis, according to traditional medical wisdom. The zinc content increases bone density. Sesame oil is therefore very good for those suffering from osteoporosis.


Sesame oil is an important part of manicures and pedicures. It helps repair damaged nails and softens brittle ones. It is simple and easy to use for this purpose. Just warm a small bowl of gingelly oil, and soak your nails in it for ten to fifteen minutes. Wait for another fifteen minutes before you cut or polish your nails, as they will be really soft and malleable after the soaking. But once dry, they will be firm, yet strong. For severely damaged or brittle nails, the process can be repeated as required.


Sesame oil lubricates the bowels. A regular dose of two tablespoons of warm sesame oil every night will ease constipation. If taken continuously for a few months, it might even get rid of the problem for good.


The sesamin in sesame oil has been found to have cell-growth-restrictive properties, which are very useful in fighting many types of cancers, including malignancies in the colon, prostate, breast, lung and pancreas. It is also helpful in combatting leukemia and multiple myeloma.

Science has also now proved that it is effective against radiation induced DNA damage because of its high antioxidant qualities.

It is also recommended for palliative care.

The National Cancer Institute says: "That the use of sesame oil for body massages

can greatly relieve cancer-related pain."

Alternative Medicine

Sesame oil is an important ingredient in alternative systems of medicine. It is used both externally and internally, by itself and in combination with other ingredients, to treat various conditions.


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